Your jewelry should be unique; it should represent who you are and how you live. Fine jewelry always has value—emotionally and materially. We are here to help you to develop a wardrobe that is unique to you.

Whether it be large or small, we have access to anything from important gemstones, diamonds, and pearls to an edited selection of chic creations for everyday wear. We can re-purposeyour pieces for your life today and into the future, and design and source that special something you may have always hoped to find.

There is no greater joy than being part of a celebration. We delight in creating custom engagement rings and wedding bands; always with the utmost care and attention this special purchase deserves.

I have built my expertise over three decades working with the finest in the industry and now I am eager to use this experience and take it to the next level. Over the years, I have built strong relationships with the most incredible artisans, diamond, stone and pearl suppliers all over the globe. Every one of us is fully committed to do our best for you, every single time. Think about your needs, take a look at your treasures. Then let us help.

We know that jewelry is a luxury; we want to make it an accessible one. We see the endless possibilities. Quality endures.


Barbara Parker

Barbara Parker loves what jewelry does. It makes people happy. She started making jewelry while in high school, using stones her uncle brought back from his travels as a Colonel with the U.S. Air Force. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a BFA in design and metalsmithing. In 1982, she was hired by Sidney Garber in Chicago. Arguably one of the finest independent jewelers in America, Mr. Garber generously shared his vast knowledge of the industry with Barbara. In addition to great technical skills, she believes that there is nothing of more value than integrity. Barbara has an unrivaled eye for quality and design, and her philosophy is very simple – each of her clients is important to her and they deserve beautiful, individual jewelry of the finest quality.

Barbara is blessed to have Molly Curley by her side as they grow the business together. Their synergy is remarkable – there is nothing more fulfilling than loving your work, and having Molly’s creativity, joy, and energy are priceless and more rare than any jewel!

Barbara lives in Evanston with her husband, Blair Garber, and their Springer Spaniel puppy Ted (chief enthusiasm officer for BPFJ!). When not working, you’ll find her on the porch with friends, or with her nose in a book.


Molly Curley

Molly Curley graduated with a degree in metalsmithing and jewelry design from the University of Kansas, where she learned the skills that would lead her to Barbara Parker Fine Jewelry. Molly brings additional craftsmanship skills she gained studying in Korea in an outstanding curriculum of metalsmithing, stone cutting and polishing.

Molly brings with her a lifelong desire to be a designer and gains a special joy from watching her designs come to life and enhance the appearance of her clients. Molly has worked with both costume and fine jewelry designers, but is especially excited to learn from Barbara Parker and the skills she has acquired through her years in the jewelry business.

In her spare time Molly likes to see foreign films and spend time with her family. She resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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